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FIlofax for sale. A Filofax is a type of personal filing system in the form of a small book with pages that can easily be added or removed. a type of loose-leaf ring binder with sets of different-coloured paper, used as a portable personal filing system, including appointmentsaddresses, etc

What is a filofax?

The Filofax Personal Saffiano organiser in aquamarine combines a sophisticated classic leather-look cover in a bright on trend colour with .

We are the best supplier of filofax in Johannesburg South Africa. We distribute across the whole country. Options are available for screen or debossing to personalise your brand image. Foiling can also be the best option to brand these filofaxes. Most of the top executives now prefer filofaxes for there daily, monthly schedulling.

If you’re not familiar, Filofax is a system that has been around for years. I remember my parents using them back in the 80s! Essentially, you choose a binder — in a colour and size which works for you — and then fill it with paper. It’s an enormously flexible system, which is why its popularity is so widespread and longstanding.

Most people use their Filofax in a fairly basic way: they pick a black organiser, fill it with white paper, plan their life in it, and move on. That’s great, but it is simply not my way. I cannot help but personalise, prettify, and pimp everything I get my hands on. That’s why my Filofax is a RAINBOW EXPLOSION. Anything can be made fun if you have the right resources… And that’s what I’m sharing with you today!


The size of organiser you pick will dictate everything else: how portable your planner is, the size of paper you buy, and the way you use it. After all, the teeny ones are no good for mind-mapping, while the A5 will be terribly unwieldy if you’re using it for grocery lists at the supermarket.

After years of using the Personal size, I switched to the A5 planner this year, which I adore. It’s much bigger than the Personal, and I find it’s easier to write in simply because the pages are wider. I keep it open on my desk, but it’s not so enormous that it’s impossible to take it with you when you go elsewhere.

Size:13 (w) x 18.5 (l) x 1.8 (d)
Additional Info:6 Binder. Magnetic Close. Includes calendars, address book and notes. With pen holder and card holder
Packaging:Cellophane Packet
Branding Methods:Silk Screening  (Default Method) , Engraving
Carton Weight:14.0 kg
Carton Dimensions:64X34X2


1 cm

Quantity Per Carton:


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